Valentine’s Day tips for my 21year old son


Tip one: Don’t worry about what your friends think. 

Tip two: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, it’s about showing the people in you life that you love them. This includes a nice card or phone call to your nana’s.

Tip three: If you buy a last minute card from 7-11 and some bullshit chocolates, there’s nothing wrong with that but she will know.

Tip four: Thoughtfulness, sentiment and memories go along way, a lot further than money.

Tip five: Valentine’s Day changes as you get older. Grandiose gestures are a young man’s game so make sure you have a go. 

Tip six: Women love romance, if she says Valentine’s Day is a waste of time or money, she is probably fibbing. Everybody needs and wants to feel loved.

Tip seven: Unrequited love is horrible, but having loved and lost is better than never loving at all. Don’t be scared. If she says no, you can live with mummy forever ❤️❤️❤️ as long as you pay board and clean up after yourself X 
Love you my darling, cannot believe you are 18 months old in 4 days xxx 


We made it! Our baby is One…

Your daddy and I have just ran the most amazing marathon…. Well that’s how it feels.

We have seen things running this marathon that we could never of imagined. Some of it we don’t remember being in a haze of exhaustion… And some, the most beautiful sights a human being could imagine…

Everything about us has changed. Our relationship, our friendships, our beliefs, our priorities and our view on life.

Luckily for us we had the most fabulous cheer squad on our sideline, who advised us, supported us and cheered us on. Some of them even ran parts of the marathon for us so that we could have a rest.

And my darling, it’s only now, tonight, the eve of your first birthday, that I realize it’s not a marathon at all…

We are living a life all over again, through the eyes of a beautiful boy. A boy that has parts of me, and parts of the man I love more than anything… And he is the most perfect thing.

You are my heart, my love, my everything.

Happy birthday my sweetheart x


So this is Christmas… what have you done!!!!

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
You peed on my toothbrush
Like a mini spray gun.

And so this is Christmas
You can roll on your tum,
You kicked me like a ninja
And I fell on my bum

A very merry Christmas
You’re getting big son
You eat pureed food now
And a full bottle when you’re done


And so this is Christmas
What did Santa Claus bring?
Just a towel and a cuddle
Cause the wrapping’s more interesting

A very merry Christmas
It was a lovely summers day,
Loved seeing the family
Oli, Luca and Rosie Mae


And so this is Christmas
Now in the car we go
Off to Nannies and Poppies
All your presents in tow



You’re our blessing this Christmas
You’re our world and our joy
Merry first baby xmas

Happy new year my boy xxx