Valentine’s Day tips for my 21year old son


Tip one: Don’t worry about what your friends think. 

Tip two: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, it’s about showing the people in you life that you love them. This includes a nice card or phone call to your nana’s.

Tip three: If you buy a last minute card from 7-11 and some bullshit chocolates, there’s nothing wrong with that but she will know.

Tip four: Thoughtfulness, sentiment and memories go along way, a lot further than money.

Tip five: Valentine’s Day changes as you get older. Grandiose gestures are a young man’s game so make sure you have a go. 

Tip six: Women love romance, if she says Valentine’s Day is a waste of time or money, she is probably fibbing. Everybody needs and wants to feel loved.

Tip seven: Unrequited love is horrible, but having loved and lost is better than never loving at all. Don’t be scared. If she says no, you can live with mummy forever ❤️❤️❤️ as long as you pay board and clean up after yourself X 
Love you my darling, cannot believe you are 18 months old in 4 days xxx 


He talks… He walks….. He slaps

See this gorgeous little thing…. This beautiful little cheeky Angel… He is amazing… Take a good look, but don’t get too close… Or he will slap the crap out of you, laugh his little ass off and proudly walk away.

You see, my boy is now 15 months old, and he rules our little world. Harrison does what he wants to do when he wants to do it. But we wouldn’t have it any other way… As his slaps are slowly becoming bites…


He is my big hearted little koala baby, very much mummies boy at the moment….with Daddy’s little facials, and Denis the Menace’s tendency to innocently break most things he comes into contact with.

He is exhausting…And I’m loving every minute 😊 xxxx

Love you baby xxx

We made it! Our baby is One…

Your daddy and I have just ran the most amazing marathon…. Well that’s how it feels.

We have seen things running this marathon that we could never of imagined. Some of it we don’t remember being in a haze of exhaustion… And some, the most beautiful sights a human being could imagine…

Everything about us has changed. Our relationship, our friendships, our beliefs, our priorities and our view on life.

Luckily for us we had the most fabulous cheer squad on our sideline, who advised us, supported us and cheered us on. Some of them even ran parts of the marathon for us so that we could have a rest.

And my darling, it’s only now, tonight, the eve of your first birthday, that I realize it’s not a marathon at all…

We are living a life all over again, through the eyes of a beautiful boy. A boy that has parts of me, and parts of the man I love more than anything… And he is the most perfect thing.

You are my heart, my love, my everything.

Happy birthday my sweetheart x

WaerD 🐋🐳🐋😊😀🚨💖

Hello my 11 month old boy… Not long now until you turn the big 1⃣

So what are you up to….

11 month old Harrison slaps family and friends square in the face😡 he knows how to undo the tabs of his own nappy 👿 he uses my phone to call Poppy G 😆 and he adds new friends on my Facebook like Mr Hasan Sakalli Karat….😕 it’s fair to say you’re proving to be a real Leo… 🐯

Someone must have ruined the surprise and told you about the blog I’ve dedicated to you… Because the smarty pants, confident, independent baby that you are decided to start my next blog for me…📝 

So what does it all meannnnn…

WaerD 🐋🐳🐋😊😀🚨💖.. 

Mr Waerd the whale fell in love with a beautiful dolphin mama whale… They had a massive baby whale called Jedd. Jedd was such a good boy it made his parents so happy, and they would laugh and laugh all day at his crazy baby antics. One day he would grow up to be an ambulance driver… And he would be known as the whale who became an ambo and loved his Mumma very much… The end 

Ps I’ve had few 🍷’s 


When Harry met Stella…

Today my dear boy…

FINALLY…. FINALLY… You met your baby cousin Stella Grace. She is 4 weeks old today… It took us 4 weeks for you both to be awake enough and well enough to meet each other properly 🙂

So of course, Nana, your Mumma and your Aunty Lauren were pretty pumped….

You and Stella however…  Were not very pumped.

But we didn’t care 🙂

I’m sure by the time you read this, you’ll have her back and she will have yours… Unlike today when you grabbed her baby arm in excitement and shoved her in the back when nanna sat her on your lap.

That was a little awkward for us all… But we persisted… (note: Nanna pinning your arms down in this pic).

Love you both very much xxxx

Life lesson: Family is the most important thing in the world – Princess Diana

What would make this Mum’s Day?

My dear Harry,
I hope this photo stays true forever.
I hope your days are filled with light, and warmth and sun.
I hope you’re taking in new and wonderful sights and sounds and feelings.
I hope you will always look forward in anticipation and excitement … And never look back.
I hope I’m always close enough to help you if you need it but far enough to sometimes let you go.
I hope I’m around to enjoy your life’s journey with you.
I hope I’m there to watch dad help you, like Grandad helped us today.

I hope dad keeps mowing our lawn 😉 and we can always sit and enjoy watching him. Together.

Home sweet Home.

To my dearest Harrison, 

Tonight is our last night in our apartment home.
This is the first home your dad and I ever bought.
It was the home we came back to as a married couple.
The home where we prepared for our first baby… And of course your first home, the day we picked you up from the adoption agency… 
Ha ha just kidding…
I’m going to miss this home. Your going away present to us tonight was your first official commando crawl = greater than a shuffle, but not quite a crawl… Should call it a shawl… 🙂 
We can’t wait to watch you grow in this house, run around in its backyard… And eventually pick up a full time job to help us pay for it… Don’t you worry I’m keeping a tab…
Love you darling… Goodbye first house… Don’t grow up too fast my love…
Life lesson:
What I love most about my home is who I share it with- Tad Carpenter