Harrison’s first potty poo… 

Today my little love nugget left his own little nugget in his potty.

After a few weeks of adamantly stating NO to potty time, and 45 minutes of potty time today involving cashew eating, IPad playing and you willy flipping…you did it!

And you proudly said to me, mumma I did poo poo… stood over it, pointed at it, squatted near it to get a closer look…

I took a picture of the poo to show dad when he got home…he won’t let me post it though and is making me delete it as we speak. What a party pooper…. ha ha ha pun intended.
Something tells me toilet training may take awhile… might be another bog blog entry in the not too distant future… 😉

You are the best kid, you make life so much more fun and all of your ‘firsts’and little victories feel like our own xxx

Love you little man x