Valentine’s Day tips for my 21year old son


Tip one: Don’t worry about what your friends think. 

Tip two: Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, it’s about showing the people in you life that you love them. This includes a nice card or phone call to your nana’s.

Tip three: If you buy a last minute card from 7-11 and some bullshit chocolates, there’s nothing wrong with that but she will know.

Tip four: Thoughtfulness, sentiment and memories go along way, a lot further than money.

Tip five: Valentine’s Day changes as you get older. Grandiose gestures are a young man’s game so make sure you have a go. 

Tip six: Women love romance, if she says Valentine’s Day is a waste of time or money, she is probably fibbing. Everybody needs and wants to feel loved.

Tip seven: Unrequited love is horrible, but having loved and lost is better than never loving at all. Don’t be scared. If she says no, you can live with mummy forever ❤️❤️❤️ as long as you pay board and clean up after yourself X 
Love you my darling, cannot believe you are 18 months old in 4 days xxx