Please explain…

NOV 29th 10:34pm, glass of red in hand, sitting next to dad watching the soccer, Harry sound asleep in his bassinet…

To my dearest Hazzy Bear,

One day, my beautiful son, you will turn 21.

Moi, yo mumma, will give you a birthday card with nothing written in it except the web address to this blog.

Because here, my blue eyed beauty, I will write to you for the next 21 years of your amazing life.


I’ve always wanted to write something of value, something that deserved to be told. I just didn’t know what to write about. It seemed like every story that could possibly be shared had been and I couldn’t think of anything I cared enough about.

Then one day I was lucky enough to become your mumma. I knew the only story worth telling was the one your dad and I were lucky enough to help you with…The story of you xxx



You are my love, my life, my reason for living.

Happy birthday my darling.


9 thoughts on “Please explain…

  1. Best idea ever Em! You’re amazing. Can’t wait to read Harry’s story, and be there when you give him this gift, when we are all turning 50 (shit) xxxxxxxxxx


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