So this is Christmas… what have you done!!!!

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
You peed on my toothbrush
Like a mini spray gun.

And so this is Christmas
You can roll on your tum,
You kicked me like a ninja
And I fell on my bum

A very merry Christmas
You’re getting big son
You eat pureed food now
And a full bottle when you’re done


And so this is Christmas
What did Santa Claus bring?
Just a towel and a cuddle
Cause the wrapping’s more interesting

A very merry Christmas
It was a lovely summers day,
Loved seeing the family
Oli, Luca and Rosie Mae


And so this is Christmas
Now in the car we go
Off to Nannies and Poppies
All your presents in tow



You’re our blessing this Christmas
You’re our world and our joy
Merry first baby xmas

Happy new year my boy xxx



It bothers me.

Horrible things are happening in the world everyday. There is so much good, but I guess its easier to remember and be affected by the bad.
As it stands, your world is at home with us, your mum and dad. You spend the days watching baby Jake on telly with mumma, or out visiting our friends and family under my close supervision. Most afternoons you play games and giggle with daddy when he gets home from work.
You do cry, but only when you’re hungry or tired. At night you’re tucked up, safely in your crib, dreaming about wonderful things, resting your little body for the next day of adventure.
I’ve come to realise it wont always be like this. You won’t always be my little, happy baby under my watchful eye. You will one day have to grow up and will become part of the rest of the world. And you will be exposed to it all.The good and the bad.
It bothers me that I can only do so much to protect you. It bothers me that I can teach you how to behave, how to be smart and make good decisions and sometimes, this won’t be enough to prevent you from being hurt.
if it was the best thing for you I’d keep you with me always, sitting in my imaginary pocket, safe and warm, close to my heart. But I can’t. As you get older, you will have to slowly venture further and further away from me… It’s only natural… even if it feels anything but natural for me.
Do me a favour and remember what is really important. Do all you can to make your life amazing. Live to be happy and make others happy. After all…Its all any of us can do.

This baby is at least 4kgs…

At the risk of oversharing, your Dad and I knew we wanted babies sometime after our European honeymoon. We were very lucky and fell the first month of trying.

Your Dad and I were living with Nanna Rob and Grandad during the early stages of our pregnancy. Dad would have to turn our telly up loud to hide the fact that I was vomiting in the upstairs toilet. Your Nanna would yell: “Are you two deaf? Turn down that bloody television.” She felt bad about this once we had told her what we were doing 🙂

I’ll never forget the day we told your grandparents we were having you. When we told Nana Sue and Poppy G they were so elated that they cried. Especially Poppy G, he balled like a little sooky girl. Make sure you tell him I told you this.

The moment we saw you on screen at 12 weeks was pretty amazing. You were treating Mumma’s uterus like a mini slip and slide and smashing out tiny little baby leg presses. So full of energy and so full of life.
The Sonographer thoroughly enjoyed petrifying your Mumma. Some of my favourite lines;
  • WOW! big bubba
  • That measure can’t be right
  • Geez bub has a big little belly! (this makes no sense)…
  • This kid will be at least 4kgs
Not knowing your gender was tough for Mumma dearest. I am as nosy as a lying Pinocchio and love to be organised, but I had to respect that Dad wanted the surprise.
Within hours of your birth, I was in recovery and you were with Dad in the nursery. The Nurses went out of their way to come over and tell me they thought you were the most beautiful baby they had ever seen.
Your Dad and I have spent a lot of money over the last 5 years seeing what others had deemed the most beautiful places in the world. But my dear boy, the first time the Nurse placed you in my arms, you looked at me as if you had known me for a lifetime, and finalIy, I had seen the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine.
Life lesson for Mumma:
Making the decision to have a child is a momentous moment: it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body – Elizabeth Stone

Please explain…

NOV 29th 10:34pm, glass of red in hand, sitting next to dad watching the soccer, Harry sound asleep in his bassinet…

To my dearest Hazzy Bear,

One day, my beautiful son, you will turn 21.

Moi, yo mumma, will give you a birthday card with nothing written in it except the web address to this blog.

Because here, my blue eyed beauty, I will write to you for the next 21 years of your amazing life.


I’ve always wanted to write something of value, something that deserved to be told. I just didn’t know what to write about. It seemed like every story that could possibly be shared had been and I couldn’t think of anything I cared enough about.

Then one day I was lucky enough to become your mumma. I knew the only story worth telling was the one your dad and I were lucky enough to help you with…The story of you xxx



You are my love, my life, my reason for living.

Happy birthday my darling.